The main auditorium is a 750-seat proscenium arch theatre with balcony seating and an orchestra pit. The auditorium is equipped with the latest sound and lighting technology and features a fly system, stage traps and effects equipment.

Below you will find an overview of the technical specifications and equipment. For further information about the theatre capabilities and a full list of equipment, please contact our Technical Director at [email protected].

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Please contact please contact our Rentals Manager.

Please note: When you book the theatre you must use our Ticket Seller Box Office for all ticket sales.

Technical Documentation

Click here to access the various Technical Documents of the Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre, or contact the Technical Director directly at [email protected].

Auditorium Dimensions

Rear Wall of Orchestra Level to the Stage: 58' 0"

Rear Wall of Balcony Level to the Stage: 76' 7"


The Control Booth is located behind the Rear Centre of the Balcony Seating.

An In-House Booth position can be installed in the Rear Centre of Orchestra Seating for live mix purposes or to accommodate touring consoles. Note: Installing this position requires two technicians and an hour of time.

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Arch Opening:

Width: 43' 0"
Height: 26' 0"

Plaster Line:

34' 8" to Upstage Wall
12' 8" to Downstage Apron

Centre Line:

44' 0" to SL Clear
42' 6" to SR Clear


30' 6" under SL Rail
26' 6" under SR Rail
65' 0" under Grid

Stage Floor

The stage has a working, sprung floor surfaced in black-painted masonite.


The stage has nine traps located centre stage, immediately upstage of the orchestra pit. These traps are grouped three wide by three deep, with each trap measuring approximately 3'6" x 4'0"

Orchestra Pit & Music Equipment

The Orchestra Pit consists of removable pit covers located over the apron of the stage. Access to the pit is by a staircase outside of the SR wing.

Width: SR to SL 34' 0" US to DS 11' 3" (at Center)
Depth: Below Stage 6' 0" Below Audience 2' 6"

9' Hamburg Steinway Concert Grand Piano - Not usable in the Orchestra Pit

22 Manhasset M4801 Music Stands (Black)

Versalite Staging System

24- 3'x 6' Black Decks available with 8", 16", 24" and 30" Legs

Dressing Rooms

2 Chorus Dressing Rooms with stations for 18 Persons each
2 Principal Dressing Rooms with stations for 4 Persons each

Bathrooms and Showers provided in each Dressing Room, renters provide towels & toiletries. Laundry Facilities (Washer & Dryer) are available as well.

Loading Bay

Loading Bay access is GROUND LEVEL ENTRY, not a Dock

The Loading Bay is a 26' W x 26' L area located in the northeast corner of the building (Approx. 16' W x 26' L open space).

Doors: 14' 0" H x 10' 0" W (Inner and Outer doors)

Fly System

33 Single Purchase Line Sets - Current Lineset Schedule and notes can be accessed here.

Batten Length: 60' 0", with adjustable 2' 6" extenders on each end
Maximum Flying Height 64' 0''
Maximum 1200 lbs Line Set


1 Main Curtain with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Red Velour
1 Grand Border 55' 0" W x 8' 0" H, Red Velour
2 Travellers with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Velour
1 Static Curtain with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Commando Cloth
1 Scrim 52' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black
1 Cyclorama 52' 0" W x 28' 0" H, White
5 Pairs of Legs 10' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Velour
5 Borders 60' 0" W x 8' 0" H, Black Commando Cloth
8 White Sheer Panels 10' 0" W x 30' 0" H

Video & Projection

Christie Digital D13WU-HS Laser Projector (13,500 Lumen 1DLP)
15' 0" H x 30' 0 " W Front Projection Surface (Black Bordered)
28' 0" H x 52' 0 " W Cyclorama (White)

Optoma DS303 Portable Projector (1,800 Lumen) and 60" x 60" Tripod Screen (for exclusive use in the Foyer and Marie Fleming Hall)

Lighting & Sound Equipment

Refer to the Technical Documents found here for a list of inventory and house plots, or contact the Technical Director directly at [email protected].

Atmospheric Effect Equipment

1 Ultratec Radiance Hazer

4 Antari ICE-101 Low Fog Machines

Use of Atmospheric Effects will require disabling some aspects of the Fire Detection System and as such a Technician must be posted on Firewatch to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the building while Atmospheric Effects are in use. Please contact the Technical Director at [email protected] for more information.

Dance Equipment

6 Panels of Black Vinyl Harlequin Dance Floor (5 at 6.5' W x 50' L, 1 at 6.5' W x 42' L to fit between the Proscenium)

5 En-Pointe 9' PortaBarre ballet barres, with two 4' Extenders available