The main auditorium is a 750-seat proscenium arch theatre with balcony seating and an orchestra pit. The auditorium is equipped with the latest sound and lighting technology and features a fly system and effects equipment.

Below you will find an overview of the technical specifications and equipment. For further information about the theatre capabilities and a full list of equipment, please contact our Technical Director at [email protected].

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Please contact please contact our Rentals Manager.

Please note: When you book the theatre you must use our Ticket Seller Box Office for all ticket sales.

Technical Documentation

Click here to access the various Technical Documents of the Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre, or contact the Technical Director directly at [email protected].

Auditorium Dimensions

Rear Wall of Orchestra Level to the Stage: 58' 0"

Rear Wall of Balcony Level to the Stage: 76' 7"


The Control Booth is located behind the Rear Centre of the Balcony Seating.

An In-House Booth position is installed in the Rear Centre of Orchestra Seating. Note: Removing this position can be arranged with advance notice (cost $110)

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Arch Opening:

Width: 43' 0"
Height: 26' 0"

Plaster Line:

34' 8" to Upstage Wall
12' 8" to Downstage Apron

Centre Line:

44' 0" to SL Clear
42' 6" to SR Clear


30' 6" under SL Rail
26' 6" under SR Rail
65' 0" under Grid

Stage Floor

The stage has a working, sprung floor surfaced in black-painted masonite.

Orchestra Pit & Music Equipment

The Orchestra Pit consists of removable pit covers located over the apron of the stage. Access to the pit is by a staircase outside of the SR wing.

Width: SR to SL 34' 0" US to DS 11' 3" (at Center)
Depth: Below Stage 6' 0" Below Audience 2' 6"

9' Hamburg Steinway Concert Grand Piano (owned by the North Okanagan Community Concert Association) - Not usable in the Orchestra Pit

22 Manhasset M4801 Music Stands (Black)

Versalite Staging System

24- 3'x 6' Black Decks available with 8", 16", 24" and 30" Legs

Dressing Rooms

2 Chorus Dressing Rooms with stations for 18 Persons each
2 Principal Dressing Rooms with stations for 4 Persons each

Bathrooms and Showers provided in each Dressing Room, renters provide towels & toiletries. Laundry Facilities (Washer & Dryer) are available as well.

Loading Bay

Loading Bay access is GROUND LEVEL ENTRY, not a Dock

The Loading Bay is a 26' W x 26' L area located in the northeast corner of the building (Approx. 16' W x 26' L open space).

Doors: 14' 0" H x 10' 0" W (Inner and Outer doors)

Fly System

33 Single Purchase Line Sets - Current Lineset Schedule and notes can be accessed here.

Batten Length: 60' 0", with adjustable 2' 6" extenders on each end
Maximum Flying Height 64' 0''
Maximum 1200 lbs Line Set


1 Main Curtain with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Red Velour
1 Grand Border 55' 0" W x 8' 0" H, Red Velour
2 Travellers with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Velour
1 Static Curtain with 2 Panels, each 30' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Commando Cloth
1 Scrim 52' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black
1 Cyclorama 52' 0" W x 28' 0" H, White
5 Pairs of Legs 10' 0" W x 30' 0" H, Black Velour
5 Borders 60' 0" W x 8' 0" H, Black Commando Cloth
8 White Sheer Panels 10' 0" W x 30' 0" H

Video & Projection

Christie Digital D13WU-HS Laser Projector (13,500 Lumen 1DLP)
15' 0" H x 30' 0 " W Front Projection Surface (Black Bordered)
28' 0" H x 52' 0 " W Cyclorama (White)

Sony VPL-PHZ50 5000 Lumen WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector
9’x14’ Da-Lite Fast-fold Front Projection Screen

Lighting & Sound Equipment

Refer to the Technical Documents found here for a list of inventory and house plots, or contact the Technical Director directly at [email protected].

Atmospheric Effect Equipment

1 Ultratec Radiance Hazer

4 Antari ICE-101 Low Fog Machines

Dance Equipment

6 Panels of Black Vinyl Harlequin Dance Floor (5 at 6.5' W x 50' L, 1 at 6.5' W x 42' L to fit between the Proscenium)

5 En-Pointe 9' PortaBarre ballet barres, with two 4' Extenders available